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2014 Red Stick Heli-Fest - Sunday, August 24, 2014

 Don't forget there isn't to much longer until the Heli-Fest.  Dates will be September the 5th-7th and the club will be closed for flying that weekend.  We are guessing to have a huge crowd this year with Pro/Sponsored pilots attending like Matt Boto's, Curtis Youngblood, Tyler Benson, Cain Madere, Wayne Armstrong, and a few more.  We have gotten some good donations this year as well.  Some of our main give-a-ways include a Gaui X-5 from West Bank Hobby, a Futaba J8 radio from Hobbico, a Mini Vbar from Mikado and several other items.  Also, the Livingston Parish Sheriff's Office is donating a huge tent for the weekend as well as cooking a Pastalaya for the Pilots on Friday night.  The OH-58 will be back as well.  If you didn't attend last year, please make an effort to be there at least on Saturday to watch this awesome event.

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